How Do You Decide What Products to Start Dropshipping Online?

By David Oaks

How Do You Decide What Products to Start Dropshipping Online?

Deciding on What Products to Dropship in Your E-Commerce Store -


When deciding what products to sell online through your e-commerce store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices. There are millions of wholesale products to choose from. The question is: Which are the best products to sell online?



Best Products to Sell Online with Your Dropshipping Business


According to a recent Shopify analysis of 2021 sales on its website, the following are the leading products that are sold through ecommerce businesses that use its platform:




• Pens and pencils

Pet Beds

• Decorative bottles

• Drills

• Cutters

• GPS navigation systems

• Bras

• Motor vehicle parts

• Office chairs

• Projectors

• Kitchen towels

• Digital artwork

• Eyebrow enhancers

• Neon signs

• Tablet computers

• Water bottles


Before leaping into putting products on your ecommerce website, look at prospective consumer markets you want to develop rather than follow current trends.



Sources of Consumer Buying Trend Information


For the analytics who prefer to research what consumers are thinking about buying, or are currently buying, and why, there are several sources of information that can help you identify consumer buying trends, such as Synthesio, Omniconvert, Foursquare and Nielson. These services provide information at a cost and also provide general information.


For those who are not into parsing information in detail, articles in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other online news sources can be good sources. For example, a recent article in Forbes identified five interesting consumer trends:


• When do I need it? Consumers are more frequently asking themselves: “Do I need it today, or can I wait?”

• A return to sustainability, and what type of purchase produces the lowest carbon footprint.

• As a result of COVID-19, consumers are gravitating to outdoor venues to eat and socialize. Products that support this type of lifestyle, albeit clothing and outdoor furniture, are in demand.

• Finding ways to appeal to consumers’ self-improvement, self-actualization and need for higher-order fulfillment.

• Consumers are in a constant state of passive shopping.



Do Your Homework to Find the Best Products to Sell Online


Whether you want to dig into consumer trends in detail, or study consumer trend information, it’s best to be knowledgeable about what people are interested in buying before populating your ecommerce website with products. Many products that are of interest to consumers who are interested in buying online are available through dropshipping companies like TopDawg.

Launching your online retail store can start you on the path to a successful business. At TopDawg, we support your success with a growing number of wholesale dropshipping suppliers with dropship products, powerful store integration, order automation and shipping tools, along with higher profit margins.