Five Tips to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

By Chelsea Hall

Five Tips to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Finding Dropship Suppliers -


Trying to find dropshipping suppliers can be a complicated and time-consuming process.


Learning to dropship is an essential step for new online businesses, but it creates a set of challenges with regards to sourcing products and managing your stock levels.


However, there are plenty of ways to speed up the process. By taking all of the following methods into account, you will stop wasting time and avoid burning out! Many people ask us how they can find suitable dropshipping suppliers, so we've compiled this list of the best ways to do it.



1. Do Your Research


You'll want to research a variety of suppliers before choosing one. How do their prices compare? Do they have a good selection of products to dropship? How about shipping and return policies?


The easiest way to do this research is online. Just Google "dropshipping supplier" or "dropshipper" and some keywords that describe the products you want to sell, and see what comes up. If a supplier seems shady, don't work with them — it's as simple as that.



2. Check Out Reviews


Before choosing a supplier:

  1. Look at online reviews and see what other sellers say about them.
  2. Consider looking at multiple review sites if one website has only bad reviews (or only good ones).
  3. Keep in mind that dropshipping suppliers are unlikely to be listed on BBB (Better Business Bureau).



3. Check Out the Product Quality


Check out some sample products from a supplier before adding them to your store. If you're going to sell products from a dropshipper, you should ensure the quality is high enough for customers to be satisfied with their purchases.


One word of caution: Be careful not to check out a vendor's products through their website only. The quality of a product is one of the essential factors in determining whether you should use them as a supplier. You've found a supplier with questionable quality control if you see poor-quality images and descriptions.



4. Know What You're Looking For


The best way to find dropshipping companies is to search for the product you want to sell and see if the supplier offers a dropshipping program.


For example, say you want to sell pet supplies. A quick Google search for "pet supply dropshippers" reveals TopDawg has thousands of pet supplies at wholesale prices that can be dropshipped.


When you search for suppliers, check the quality of their site and the reviews they've received from other people who've used them before. The last thing you want is to list products on your site that come from a bad supplier.



5. Ask For Recommendations


Asking for recommendations from your customers is a highly effective method of finding dropshipping suppliers because you are getting direct feedback from your target market. This means there is a much higher chance that the supplier you choose will have products your target audience wants to buy.


Plus, if you ask enough people, there is a good chance you will get some particular product requests that you can try to source.




There Are Many Ways to Find Dropshipping Suppliers


In the end, exploring all of these different options for finding dropshipping suppliers is what will enable you to find one that fits your particular business needs. Start with a Google search, check out their websites, and proceed. You'll likely discover several suppliers who can supply your specific operation, so don't be afraid to do the research an find the right supplier for your dropshipping business.


Launching your online retail store can start you on the path to a successful business. At TopDawg, we support your success with a growing number of dropshipping suppliers with wholesale products, powerful store integration, order automation and shipping tools, along with higher profit margins.