The 101 On Dropshipping: All You Need to Know

By Chelsea Hall

The 101 On Dropshipping: All You Need to Know

How Does Dropshipping Work? 

The dropshipping business is a model that permits a company to function without sustaining inventory. Online retailers don’t need to own a storeroom to stock their products or even ship the merchandise to customers themselves. Instead, a retailer collaborates with a dropship supplier in that they stock the products, package and dropship them straight to the retailer’s customer.


Most comprehensive e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, provide a stress-free solution with a collection of dropshipping dealers. There are also print on demand businesses, like Modalyst, Printful or Printify. Once you have selected your supplier and linked their application to your online store, there are several steps to think about and work through:


Select Products

Look through dropshipping marketplaces to discover the correct products for your business. Utilize keyword searches as well as filters to restrict your choices and select products that will draw your target audience and line up with your brand principles.


Introduce Items to Your Online Store

Import or upload the selected dropship items to your online store catalogue. Develop a dropshipping pricing plan and set your retail prices.


Receive Customer Orders

Now customers can locate the items they want, add them to the cart and pay for them on your website.


Direct Customer Orders to the Dropship Supplier

Present your customer orders and shipping particulars to your supplier and pay the supplier on your client’s behalf.


Ship and Track Orders Via the Supplier

Your supplier then sends every order straight to your clients’ addresses. You’ll acquire a tracking number in the process to provide to your customers. If the supplier offers white label shipping, you can even add your brand to the packing slip.



How Feasible & Lucrative is Dropshipping?

Characteristically, the profits for dropshipping can vary from 15%-45%. Nonetheless, the profit margins for customer durables and luxury articles can return nearly 100%. Again, it's about finding the right niche and dealer while selecting a market that isn’t previously oversupplied.


Once the business is up and running and gains a little power, it can rapidly turn into a lucrative endeavor. Many dropshipping businesses have yielded over a million dollars in sales in just eight months of initiating the online business! Of course, this won't be the situation for each dropshipping venture, but it doesn’t hurt to try.



Why Is Dropshipping So Beneficial?

Dropshipping companies have many distinctive features that prove to be advantageous, for example:


It’s Simple to Achieve

It doesn’t take a lot of work to establish since it consists of just three stages. Discover the supplier, launch your website, and start marketing the merchandise! For somebody fresh to the e-commerce industry, this business model is comparatively simple to comprehend and execute.


The Price of Setting Up Your Dropship Business is Minimal

In conventional business models, the bulk of the budget is associated with creating and running the retail processes. An example would be buying inventory, but drop shipping eradicates that step, and therefore the budget of it. All you have to pay for is the related charges of running your website.


You Don’t Have to pay any Excessive Charges

The business holder is not required to buy inventory. Thus, the cost of leasing or purchasing warehouse/office area and the additional smaller yet considerable costs aren't a concern. The service prices of handling the website are all that a business owner must fret about.


The Stress of Dropshipping as a Business Model is Considerably Less

If the dropship business doesn’t sell products, it doesn't lose money on the cost of holding inventory. So, there is far less anxiety about having to sell your inventory.


The Business Can Be Operated from Anywhere

No workplace, no storeroom, no workers, and no troubles. Having no obligation to maintaining tangible space means that you could be snuggled up in your favorite couch and making profits. All you require is your PC and the internet to help you.


There is Heaps of Diversity When it Comes to the Products You Want to Sell

There is a dropship platform for nearly anything you would like to sell! You can depend on one fantastic product or sell numerous products simultaneously. Discover your niche, and there is destined to be a supplier that tailors to it.


Additional Time & Resources to Develop Your Business

If you want more returns with your retail business, you must do additional work. It would be best if you capitalized on the extra time and money you have by spending resources on improving your dropshipping product catalog, and on online marketing for your store. For example, all you have to do with dropshipping is direct orders to your dropship dealer and then let them handle the whole thing while you make the profit. Thus, you have added time to grow your catalog and business campaigns.


Reduced Costs on Impaired Goods

As the shipment goes straight from the supplier to the client, fewer shipment steps are involved. This radically decreases the risk of damaged articles while transporting from one place to another.




The truth is that dropshipping is an effective business model. It eliminates the necessity for inventory expenditures. It streamlines logistics and lets a total novice experiment in e-commerce without considerable risk. Nonetheless, a resilient business model doesn’t mean being a dropshipper in the United States is not demanding. In reality, many stores nose-dive. If you begin your store, you need to capitalize on paid promotion. And consent that success might take an investment of hundreds of dollars to achieve! If you want to study e-commerce skills and are eager to devote time and capital to developing an online store, give dropshipping a try. This venture isn’t for the weak, but that doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic to make plenty of money with dropshipping.



Interested in Starting a Dropshipping Business?

If you are interested in starting a dropshipping business, please read TopDawg’s “Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Dropshipping Business.” This comprehensive guide aims to equip new dropshippers with the knowledge and tools to start and scale their business effectively. By incorporating a range of e-commerce platforms and emphasizing the selection of a dependable dropshipping partner like TopDawg, the guide provides a solid foundation to start a dropshipping business and build a profitable online store.

Embarking on your online retail journey can set the stage for a thriving business. At TopDawg, we bolster your success by providing access to an expanding network of wholesale dropshipping suppliers and an array of the best dropshipping products. We also offer robust store integrations, streamlined order automation, and efficient shipping tools, all designed to enhance your profit margins.