Sell Products Made in the United States

By David Oakes

Sell Products Made in the United States

Sell Products Made in the USA for Your Dropshipping Business


Oftentimes, consumers do not consider where the products they are buying are made. They assume, and rightly so, that most dropship products they are buying are made outside the United States. Ask most people where the clothes they are wearing, the blanket they have on a bed or the tool they are using was made, and the United States is one of the last places they will consider.


As consumers, we have become conditioned to thinking that what we order online or put in a shopping basket is not made in the United States. In fact, for every $100 spent on products, only $10.70 are spent on products made outside the United States. While there is the perception that there are fewer people working in U.S. manufacturing companies (and there are) compared to decades ago, many manufacturing plants are more highly automated, reducing the need for workers.



COVID-19 Bottlenecks


Ecommerce companies like to offer products from overseas because they offer higher profit margins because of lower cost labor and manufacturing processes. However, given the current manufacturing and transportation bottleneck resulting from COVID-19, and the rising prices of off-shore made products due to shortages and higher demand, product availability, convenience and quality should be considered by ecommerce store owners.


There are opportunities to make just as much profit on U.S.-made products without the concerns of product availability.



TopDawg Is a Leading Provider of U.S.-Made Products to E-commerce Businesses


TopDawg offers dropshipping businesses the opportunity to buy U.S.-made products. Of the more than 600,000 products provided by TopDawg suppliers to ecommerce stores, 564,000 products, more than 90 percent, are of United States origin. In fact, TopDawg is one of the few U.S.-based companies providing such a large array of United States-made products to ecommerce stores.


We aren’t waving the flag or promoting patriotism. Rather, we made a business decision to focus on sourcing U.S.-manufactured products for the simple reason that the managers and owners are easier to contact, talk to and the products are easier to obtain for our ecommerce customers. Also, U.S. manufacturers are not threatened by international manufacturing and labor shortages, and transportation issues. Quite simply, products made in the U.S. more often than not ship faster and less expensively than products that are warehoused offshore and are mailed or transported into the U.S. from another country.


What does this mean for your ecommerce company?



The Convenience of Using U.S. Suppliers


There are several positive attributes of buying from U.S.-based manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers through TopDawg:


• Lower mailing costs than shipping from overseas.

• Faster shipping.

• Products are more accessible.

• You can speak directly with individuals who work at those companies to resolve any shipping or quality issues.

• Comparable margins and profits as foreign-manufactured products.


For more information about buying U.S.-made products through TopDawg, set up an account with us by clicking USA products for online retailers.  


Considering Starting a Dropshipping Business?


If you're considering starting a dropshipping business, we recommend reading TopDawg's "Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Dropshipping Business." This detailed guide is designed to provide new dropshippers with the necessary information and tools to launch and grow their business efficiently. Highlighting the importance of choosing a reliable dropshipping partner like TopDawg and covering various e-commerce platforms, the guide lays a strong foundation for initiating a dropshipping business and creating a lucrative online store.