Frequently Asked Questions From Retailers About TopDawg's Dropshipping Platform

To create a retailer account you just need to provide us with an email address, name, and account password (no credit card required).

To upgrade your membership first log into your TopDawg account. If you have any integrations, select the store or integration you would like to upgrade. If you don't have any integrations, simply click on the "My Account" tab from the left navigation and then select "Membership Plans". On the membership plans page, you can choose the plan you would like to upgrade to.

Please note that if you have a Shopify integration, you will be required to approve the payment in your Shopify account.

Yes, if you would like to place orders or purchase CSV product spreadsheets you will need to have a valid payment method on file with TopDawg.
Yes! Our dropshipping services are compatible with any e-commerce platform. At TopDawg, we offer comprehensive CSV spreadsheets that contain all the necessary product data, wholesale pricing, stock levels, and estimated shipping costs. This makes it easy for you to upload our products onto your online store or marketplace. We also provide direct integrations for popular website platforms like Shopify and marketplaces such as eBay. You can view the full set of available direct integrations TopDawg offers by clicking on the "connect existing store" tab in your TopDawg account dashboard.
No. Product purchases, shipping costs and any transaction fees that TopDawg may impose are not included in the membership fees and must be paid at time of purchase.

If you choose to upgrade your plan prior to your monthly anniversary day, your new Membership Plan will be effective immediately. The initial cost of your upgraded plan will be charged to your credit card at the time of upgrading. The amount will be pro-rated based on the number of days until your anniversary day and discounted by the number of days remaining in your current billing cycle.

The first full cost of your new plan will be charged 30 days from the day of your upgrade and will be renewed monthly.

If you choose to downgrade your plan prior to your monthly anniversary day, your new Membership Plan will not be effective until the end of the current month cycle. There are no pro-rated refunds for downgraded accounts.

The shipping cost integration will give you the most accurate and real-time shipping costs of any order placed by your customers. The shipping calculation button provides an estimation of shipping cost based on the zip code entered. To eliminate the guesswork of total shipping for full orders, our integration gives you the exact quote with accurate up-to-date information.
Yes, you can have multiple integrations in the same TopDawg account. Each Integration will require its own TopDawg membership plan, and each Integration will have its own billing cycle.
TopDawg does not restrict the number of connected stores or platforms you can have in your account but does require a new membership plan for each connection.
Marketplace Integrations are service apps that are used to connect or list TopDawg products to your website or marketplace. Using a marketplace integration helps retailers to easily sync products to their website or marketplace, update stock levels, process orders and receive tracking for shipped orders. We currently support Shopify integrations, other marketplace integrations for Amazon, Walmart, WooCommerce and eBay will be coming soon.

TopDawg offers access to our real-time shipping calculator through the Shopify marketplace integration. With this integration you can display real-time shipping costs in your cart, allowing your customers to receive actual shipping costs at check out. No more estimating shipping costs!

To activate the third-party carrier-calculated shipping, your store needs to be on the Advanced Shopify plan. For more information, contact Shopify Support.

It is a fee per order that is associated with the cost of processing orders and placing them with the supplier, including fixed cost and variable cost that are associated with the order. Order processing fees decrease in the higher priced plans as outlined on the membership plans page.
In order to receive an authorized retailer certificate (ARC) from TopDawg, you must have a paid membership. If you have an active account and are in good standing, simply request an ARC from customer support. They are normally processed within 24 hours and will be sent to your email address on file.
All product information can be downloaded in a CSV format accessible from your retailer dashboard, in the left navigation click on “Orders” and select “Product Spreadsheets” from the dropdown menu.
Unfortunately, No. Upgraded membership plans are tied to the upgraded account or integration. For example, if you upgrade your Central Account and later want to upgrade a Shopify integration, or vice versa, you must pay for a separate membership plan; plans are not transferable. If you have any questions, please get in touch with customer support.
Once your account has been set up, you will gain full access to our product catalog wholesale pricing. In the catalog, you can easily select the products that you choose to sell in your store. Through TopDawg, you can offer your customers a variety of products in the home & garden, pets, clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, health & beauty, kids, babies, toys, sports & outdoors, automotive & marine, seasonal & party, equestrian & ranch and sexual wellness categories.

The shipping cost API integration provides real time shipping cost calculations to your marketplace at the time of checkout. This is designed to remove the headaches behind shipping costs and the numerous variables involved for your orders.

Our API accounts for every product's shipping origin and destination, product's shipping dimensions, and total weight of all products per order. After taking these factors into consideration, the integration will provide you the best real-time shipping price and carrier option between USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.
There are no set-up costs, down payments, or large financial investments for TopDawg memberships. Please note, the Start-Up plan is free, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.
No. There are no minimum order quantity requirements.
Yes. The only recurring fee is the monthly cost for your selected TopDawg membership plan which you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time. Please note, each new month begins on the "anniversary date" of the day you first signed up. We do not prorate any cancellations made prior to your "anniversary date."
Browse current products in our catalog by clicking on “Product Catalog” in the left navigation in your retailer dashboard.
Visit and click "Log In" located in the top right corner. Use the email address and password you created for your account setup to log in.
Customize your profile by logging into your account and selecting the “My Account” dropdown in the left navigation bar, and then select “Profile.” You will be able to make changes to your contact information by clicking on “Profile.” By clicking on “My Membership,” you can upgrade, downgrade, and cancel memberships. This is also where you can view your invoice history. To add or remove your credit and debit payment methods, click on the "Payment Methods."
Most dropship orders are processed within 2 business days (excluding major holidays). Shipping duration (origin to destination) reflects similar time frame quoted by all shipping carriers we use.

When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be incurred once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination.

Such charges are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility as we are only charging the transportation fee for your order.

TopDawg does not have any responsibility for these additional charges that may apply.

The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country's laws, regulations, and restrictions that may apply when purchasing our products. By placing an international order, the buyer is responsible for abiding by their country's laws, regulations, and restrictions.

If a product is seized and destroyed by customs, or returned to the supplier, TopDawg will NOT be responsible for the losses, product, or shipping refunds. It is the buyer's responsibility to cover the shipping costs when the buyer wishes to have a second delivery attempt after the product is returned to the supplier.

TopDawg does not guarantee at any time a certain delivery date or time frame for delivery for any product or order. Any listed time for a shipping method is an estimate only. For orders with deadlines please order well in advance and we will arrange it for you.

Yes. All dropship and fulfillment orders are shipped with verifiable tracking numbers.
Our Scale and Premier level memberships allow Retailers to customize their packing slips with their company's name and logo. All other membership levels will have a generic packing slip with the item name, TDID, and quantity listed on it. Your customers will see the address of the supplier's location on the outer shipping label only. Every label's return address will be the shipping center's address. Your customers will be unaware that TopDawg is your dropship partner. This feature helps build your brand and retain customers by displaying your company's name, logo, and address on the inside packing slip of every package that ships.
The packing slips will have your company’s name, address, and logo. This will help build your brand and retain customers.
TopDawg partners with retailers in the United States and worldwide, we can ship to any location that USPS, UPS or FedEx support.
Detailed tracking is provided for every order we process. You will receive tracking numbers as soon as your order is processed through TopDawg. Shipping updates and information can be found in your dashboard by accessing the “Orders” dropdown menu in the left navigation, then select “Order History”.
Account settings can be updated by logging into your account, selecting the “My Account” dropdown in the left navigation bar, and selecting “Profile.” You can make your changes to your contact information and click “Update” to save.
Log in to your account. Click on the “My Account” dropdown in the left navigation and choose the “Payment Methods” button. This is where you can add and remove the card(s) you have on file. *Please note, to remove a card from your account you must first add a new credit or debit card in its place.
To cancel, click on the “My Account” dropdown menu item in the left navigation bar, and select “My Membership”. Click on the yellow button that says, “Change Membership Plan.” Then choose the “Downgrade Now” button under the free Start-Up plan to cancel your membership fee. If you need assistance canceling you membership, please contact our support team at or you can call us at (954) 251-3176.
Most products can be sold anywhere you prefer (your website or any 3rd party marketplace). However, some products have restrictions that prevent them from being sold on 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. If a product falls into this category, you will see a note in the csv product data feed file and on the individual product pages with the details. Any product that has a channel restriction cannot be sold on those channels or marketplaces.
All pricing information can be found in the csv product data feed file. This information includes the wholesale cost for products and the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Most of the prices are suggested, giving retailers the freedom to designate the selling price for their customers. Be aware that some products may have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) required by the manufacturer. If a product has a MAP limit, this price is the minimum that a retailer can advertise with the option to increase the price. Retailers found in violation of MAP pricing requirements risk their account being suspended or terminated.
Product data can be downloaded in a csv file format accessible from the "Product Spreadsheets" option located in your retailer dashboard. You may also access this in the left navigation panel under the "Orders" tab.
Yes, API access is available to Premier members only. Premier members have access to TopDawg’s API documentation for integrating product data and order processing functionality with your marketplace or platform. For more information regarding the API integrations, call TopDawg at 954-251-3176 or send us an email at .
The TopDawg catalog is updated multiple times a day to reflect current inventory quantities and new inventory additions. Rest assured that our online catalog is up-to-date, accurate, and stocked with products ready for shipment.

TopDawg sources products from multiple suppliers and manufacturers around the world. Product return policies are determined by each supplier independently. The suppliers provide TopDawg with their individual return policy outlined in our master product catalog available in a csv file format to download. You may also view this information by clicking on any product in our catalog and selecting “Additional Info.”

Most products can be returned within 30 days of delivery; unless otherwise stated in the individual supplier’s policy, and with written approval from TopDawg. To initiate a product return, you must first contact TopDawg for an RMA number. Any attempt to return products without an RMA number will be declined. If the items are eligible for return, the RMA number and return address will be provided. All costs associated with product returns (restocking fees, return shipping, etc.) are determined by each supplier and remain the responsibility of the customer. Once the product return has been received and processed, a credit for returns will be issued to the retailer’s TopDawg account and can be applied to future product orders.

If your customers notify you that their order has not arrived (lost) or has been received in damaged condition, please notify our support team at to file a claim.

Lost Orders: If the shipment has been lost, we will file a trace with the carrier to locate your order. If the shipment is found, the package will be delivered. If the shipment is unable to be located, we will issue full credit back to your account.

Damaged Orders: If an order has been received damaged, please take photos of the damaged item as well as the box it arrived in and send those images along with the order number to TopDawg will file a damage claim with the carrier on your behalf. Once a claim has been filed, we can either reship the order to your customer or issue a full refund to your account.

We offer both drop-shipping and fulfillment services. When you request for TopDawg to ship directly to your customers, you are drop-shipping. If you prefer for TopDawg to ship directly to your warehouse or retail location, then you are choosing our fulfillment option.
We can be contacted via email at or reached at 954-251-3176 from 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday.
If you are selling on an e-commerce website, payments will normally be processed using the payment processor you have chosen to integrate onto your site. Payments typically take a few business days to show up in your connected bank account after each transaction.
Reports can be viewed at any time by selecting the “Orders” tab in the left navigation after logging in to your account. You can filter your reports by order status, customer, date, and sales per order.
Detailed tracking is provided for every order we process. You will normally receive carrier tracking within 24 hours from when your order is processed through TopDawg.
MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. This is the price that the manufacturer of the product recommends for stores, resellers, etc. to sell this product at.
MAP pricing is the minimum amount that resellers can advertise a product to be selling for. In other words, if you plan on selling a product from our catalog that has a MAP pricing policy of $50, you cannot publicly list this product at anything below $50 to sell on any channel or marketplace.
To change your email address associated with your account and in your profile, you must contact TopDawg to do so at or call us at 954-251-3176.

When adding items to your store from TopDawg, shipping rates will not be included. You will need to set up the costs of shipping separately, as the costs of the products themselves will not include shipping. There are many ways to cover the cost of shipping when selling products online. Since TopDawg offers thousands of products from hundreds of different suppliers, we cannot provide a simple weight-based rate sheet to calculate shipping. All of this seems very complicated, but do not stress! We have a couple of strategies for you on the best way to set up shipping!

1. Manual Shipping Quote: Select any item in the TopDawg catalog and click on “calculate shipping for this product”, then enter the destination zip code to get an estimate for that item. (Please keep in mind, different zip codes will return different rates.) You can also add an item to your cart, or group of items, and select a customer to see the actual rates for shipping. This will help you understand the costs associated with shipping the products you have decided to sell.

Once you understand your average shipping costs for the products you are going to sell, you have a few ways to build that cost into your website:

• Flat Rate Shipping – Set up a flat rate shipping fee that will cover your expected shipping costs. This is typically a pre-set shipping fee per order, and the set shipping fee will be added to the order total at checkout.

• Free Shipping - Instead of setting a fee for shipping, simply add your estimated shipping costs to your product price directly. This option has pros and cons. Pros are that your order volume might be higher since you are offering free shipping. The cons are that the products you are selling may appear to be overpriced for customers that compare prices online, as they may not recognize that the item cost includes the cost of shipping.

• Tiered Flat Rate - This is a good option if you sell a variety of products with various sizes and weights, as well as different price points. With a tiered flat rate system, you can determine the tiers based on product weight or price. For example, you could charge a flat rate of $5 for shipping items weighing 0-1 lb., $7 for products weighing 1.1-5 lbs., and $10 for products weighing 5.1- 10 lbs. Same thing would apply for pricing tiers. For example, $0- $10 you charge $3 for shipping. $10.01-$49.99 you charge $8, and anything $50 or greater is free shipping. This is a great way to incentivize your customers to purchase larger orders to get free shipping.

• Hybrid Shipping - Simply split your estimated shipping costs by increasing your product price as well as setting a low flat rate shipping fee. An example would be that if your estimated shipping cost is $6, you can add $3 to the cost of the product and charge a $3 flat shipping rate.

2. Fully Integrated Shipping Solution: TopDawg offers a fully integrated shipping solution that will allow you to easily calculate shipping on your website. With just a few clicks, you can easily connect TopDawg’s API shipping cost integration into your website to accurately charge your customers for shipping. TopDawg API Shipping Integration offers lowest rate shipping options from multiple carriers by calculating the actual shipping cost in real time based on the total weight of the order and the ship from and ship to locations. This integration will be the best way to easily integrate shipping into your website as well as providing the lowest shipping rates possible to your customers. To learn more about TopDawg’s fully integrated shipping solution, contact customer support at