Frequently Asked Questions
From Suppliers

TopDawg provides you with access to tens of thousands of new retailers interested in selling your products. We’ll help you expand your brand and increase sales through our network of retailers by listing your products on our catalog for Free. TopDawg’s network of online retailers helps expose your brand and products to millions of new customers who may not know your brand exists. Most wholesale suppliers see value in distributing their products through a combination of Brick & Mortar retailers as well as Online retailers to reach as many customers as possible.
All Supplier Accounts are FREE. There is No Cost to setup and maintain an active supplier account. In addition, TopDawg does Not Charge Any Commissions on your sales, so you will always receive the full wholesale price for each order delivered. Plus, TopDawg pays for 100% of the shipping cost on all orders!
No, TopDawg does Not Charge Any Commissions on your sales, so you will always receive the full wholesale price for each order delivered.

Yes. TopDawg is a wholesale/drop shipping hybrid platform. Suppliers can list their products with TopDawg with wholesale pricing. We’ll markup the wholesale price slightly when selling products to our retailers and our retailers sell the products retail to their end customers. Once Sold, TopDawg will send suppliers their orders along with prepaid shipping labels and the supplier will drop ship the order directly to the end customers.

Since the majority of TopDawg retailers are Online Retailers selling from their own independent stores or marketplaces, they do not hold inventory and their orders will be shipping to their end customers.

Yes, TopDawg encourages our supplier partners to list both single units as well as case packs. Single units(eaches) are preferred as most of our retailers sell online, direct to the end customer. Retailers on the TopDawg platform typically do not hold inventory and the end customers mainly purchase for their own consumption and use.
TopDawg will pay for the shipping costs on all orders. Supplier Partners will be provided with a Prepaid shipping label directly through their TopDawg account immediately after each new order has been Accepted.
Unfortunately, not. All TopDawg Supplier Partners are required to ship new orders using the Prepaid shipping labels we provide. Alternatively, if you are a supplier interested in integrating with TopDawg via API, you’ll be able to ship 3rd party on our FedEx account once the API automation has been completed.

TopDawg provides our retailers and their customers with Lowest Cost Shipping on all orders. We’ll shop the lowest rates from the 3 major carriers – FedEx, UPS and USPS. Based on the items ordered and the shipping destination of the product we’ll select the carrier that provides the lowest cost.

Supplier Partners can select a preferred carrier (FedEx, UPS or USPS) if they have a regularly scheduled pickup already in place.

Plain boxes or envelopes containing only the packing slip provided by TopDawg and the merchandise for the order. No additional marketing materials, pricing or branding decals should ever be included with outbound TopDawg orders.

Suppliers can setup their own return policy on TopDawg. Most supplier partners will use their current business return policy on TopDawg, and we highly recommend the standard 15-30 day return window for your products. This will give the retailers confidence that you are selling top quality products as well as provide an option to return the products if unsatisfied.

If you are concerned about the costs of accepting returns, we would suggest setting a restocking fee of 10%-15% to offset any costs associated with returns.

For all returns, the retailer or their customer will be responsible for returning the products to your warehouse once the return has been approved by TopDawg. Tracking of all returns is required to verify safe delivery to your warehouse. Once the return has been inspected and approved by your warehouse, we can issue credit to our retailers and deduct the item returned from your future payables.

TopDawg has over 25,000+ retailers on our platform, ready to sell your products. Most are selling products through their Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WIX type store online as well as through various marketplaces.
You will be provided with a spreadsheet to complete with all your product data and pricing details. If you currently sell on Shopify or Faire, we can accept your product data export from those platforms as well. Simply export all of your product data and pricing from those platforms (including all variants and UPC codes if available) in CSV format, then email the attachment to TopDawg and we can build your catalog from there.

There are many ways to keep your stock levels updated with TopDawg. All products can be updated manually or in bulk at any time, directly through your TopDawg account. Or you can fully automate the inventory updating process by connecting with us through an API connection.

For Suppliers using Shopify, you can sync your products and update your stock levels automatically by adding the TopDawg App for Suppliers on Shopify. This will automatically sync the inventory in your Shopify store with your TopDawg Supplier Account.

Suppliers are notified by email for all new orders. Daily reminder emails will be sent until the order has been processed (Accepted or Declined). Please be sure to add to your Safe Senders list so that you receive all email communications from us.

New orders will be sent to your TopDawg Suppliers account for your review. Simply login to your TopDawg account, view the order, confirm the items ordered are available in stock, then Accept the order. Once Accepted, you can then print the prepaid shipping label and packing slips directly from your TopDawg account. No additional shipping software is required.

If you’re integrated with TopDawg via API, you can schedule your system to pull new orders from our system into yours anytime!

Our expectations are that all new orders are processed (Accepted or Declined) within 24-48 hours. Once an order has been Accepted, our retailers are sent the tracking numbers and carrier info automatically. New Orders that are Accepted and shipped within 24 hours by our suppliers tend to receive more orders from our retailers.

TopDawg’s payment systems are highly automated and will issue payments for all orders within 7-10 days of delivery. Payments will be made via direct deposit to the bank account of your choosing. Your preferred bank account can be added, updated, or changed anytime through your TopDawg account.

In addition, you will receive a remittance email detailing the total amount submitted to your account for each payment, along with an itemized invoice by invoice breakdown of which orders/invoices you’re being paid for.

Yes, you can edit your product details and pricing at anytime directly through your TopDawg account or by submitting an updated spreadsheet for review.
Yes. Suppliers can setup additional users for their accounts. Easily setup user accounts with specific permissions giving the account manager or warehouse team access to new order notifications and updating inventory, or accounting team access to remittance details, or your IT team access to our API documentation.

Yes, TopDawg would still be a great fit for you! We offer our Supplier partners the ability to setup Marketplace Restrictions for any marketplace they do not want their products sold by our retailers.

This means that our retailers would be able to sell your products on their own websites or in marketplaces that you do allow, but not in restricted marketplaces. Whether you are currently selling your products on sites like Amazon, or Walmart and don’t want the additional competition, or just prefer not to have your products sold in those marketplaces, TopDawg offers you the ability to restrict your products from being sold in the marketplaces you don’t want them sold.

Additionally, TopDawg reserves the right to Suspend or Terminate any retailer who violates our terms of use by selling products in restricted marketplaces.

Yes. TopDawg does support and enforce your MAP pricing requirements. TopDawg reserves the right to Suspend or Terminate any retailer who violates our terms of use by selling products below the listed MAP price.

Fully automated API solutions are available for TopDawg Suppliers. Easily update stock levels, receive new orders, submit tracking, etc.… with our custom API. All our API documentation is readily available through your TopDawg Supplier account for your IT team to review, test and implement.

Shopify Integration for Suppliers is available as well. This lets you sync your Shopify store to your TopDawg account, allowing you to add products from your Shopify store to your TopDawg account, automatically sync stock levels and update pricing anytime, automatically!

No Contracts required and you can cancel anytime. If you are unhappy with our free services to sell your products, you can request your products to be removed from our platform at any time. Submit your request through the Contact Us page and we’ll confirm once your products have been unpublished from our platform. Feel free to review our terms of use any time:

The most important factors for suppliers to be successful with TopDawg depend on a few key components:

• Keeping Stock Levels Updated – Orders that are cancelled due to Out of Stock hurts our retailers’ businesses and will be the fastest way to have your products removed from any of our retailers’ stores.

• Processing Orders Quickly – New orders that remain unprocessed by suppliers for days will ultimately result in the order being cancelled by the retailer and your products removed from their stores. Continuous delays with shipping new orders may also result in the suspension of your account on the TopDawg platform, so be sure to process orders as quickly as possible.

• Provide Deep Wholesale Discounts – TopDawg will make a small markup on all supplier products when selling to our retailers. The deeper your discount to TopDawg, the more margin we can provide to our retailers to incentivize them to sell your products. Most of our retail partners decide what to sell based on the profit margin they will earn, so the deeper your wholesale discount to TopDawg, the more interest your products will have from our retailers.

If you’re looking for that extra edge in making your products and brand prominent and visible on our platform, we highly recommend a Brand Sponsorship Campaign. A brand sponsorship campaign allows you to secure a Top Position for your brand on our main catalog, where thousands of TopDawg retailers search daily for new products to sell. You’ll also receive Top Position listings on all related Category and Section searches related to your products throughout our catalog.

In addition, you will have your brand/company name “hot linked” to ALL Products associated with your brand, allowing our retailers to quickly browse all your products on TopDawg and start adding your products to their stores to be sold.

Contact us to request a rate card for the remaining brand positions available and we’ll begin to accelerate your sales on TopDawg today!