•  What type of products are you looking for?
    TopDawg is looking to build our selection of products within the Home & Garden, Fashion Accessories, Health & Beauty, Sports & Outdoors, Electronics, Kids & Toys, Automotive & Marine, Seasonal & Parties, Farm & Ranch and Pet Supplies departments. Specifically, we are looking for a diverse assortment of products within each department that can be shipped via small parcel with UPS, USPS and FedEx.
  •  How is TopDawg selling our products?
    TopDawg is a true distributor, only selling to other retailers who then sell directly to the end customer. We do not sell retail ourselves and we do not sell on 3rd party websites like Amazon, eBay, etc… TopDawg is the e-commerce version of your traditional distribution channels.
  •  For A/R purposes, is our company doing business with all TopDawg’s retailer? Or only with TopDawg?
    You will be working directly with TopDawg. All invoices for orders shipped are billed to TopDawg which will simplify the A/R and accounting processes.
  •  Will I have to Drop Ship orders?
    Yes. TopDawg will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for each order. TopDawg offers its retailers a lowest cost shipping tool that will calculate the shipping cost and determine the carrier (in real time) at the point of checkout on our retailer’s websites. Because of this, all orders must be shipped using the prepaid shipping label that TopDawg provides.
  •  How will we process orders?
    TopDawg will provide you with an online web portal to track and manage your orders. When a new order is received, you will be notified via email and an order update within your supplier account. Simply login to your account, print the packing slip and prepaid shipping label, then pack and ship the order.
  •  How will we get paid?
    TopDawg prefers to set up Net30 terms with all our suppliers. All invoices will be paid within 30 days of the order being invoiced. We are happy to complete a credit app or provide trade references upon request.
  •  How is inventory and wholesale cost price updated?
    Once your product sheet has been provided to TopDawg and loaded into your supplier account, we will provide you with a verified product sheet that will need to be saved in a Google Drive or FTP folder. This will allow you to make updates to your available inventory or product information and details anytime you need. Updates to your product sheet are automatically retrieved each hour by our system.
  •  Shipping individual units versus case packs?
    We understand that some suppliers prefer to sell case sets only. However, most end customers are looking to purchase individual units or eaches. TopDawg offers you the ability to sell both (individual units and small case pack sets). Most customers are "ok" with purchasing a 2-pack, 3-pack, or 6-pack of a particular item, but we do not recommend listing items that must be sold in larger case pack quantities.
  •  Will I have the ability to restrict my products from being sold on Amazon and/or other 3rd party market places?
    Yes. TopDawg works closely with our suppliers to ensure their brands are protected. We have Terms of Service policies in place with our retailers outlining sales channel restrictions. If a retailer is found to be in violation of retail channel restrictions, they face account suspension or termination.
  •  Do you help enforce MAP pricing?
    Yes. TopDawg works closely with our suppliers to ensure their brands are protected. We have Terms of Service policies in place with our retailers outlining manufacturer MAP pricing requirements. If TopDawg determines that a retailer is in violation of MAP Policy, TopDawg may suspend the retailer account. Repeated violations may result in the permanent termination of a retailer’s TopDawg account.
  •  Are we required to accept product returns?
    Each supplier can set up their own return policies. Our recommendation is to offer 30-day return window on new and unused products only. This will help customers feel more comfortable purchasing your products and lead to increased sales. If the cost associated with processing returns is an issue, we recommend a 15-day return window with a 15% restocking fee. This will help limit the number of returns and cover any costs associated with restocking the inventory.
  •  How does TopDawg add value to my business?
    TopDawg will help you sell more products by reaching new customers that you don’t currently have access to. By providing us with your product data, we become your sales force and distribution channel for thousands of online retailers. Most suppliers have difficulty trying to figure out how to grow the e-commerce distribution side of their companies without working with Amazon, but TopDawg provides a modern business solution to help you achieve these goals.