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Home & Garden Supplies, The Opportunity, & Dropshipping

The home and garden market is a huge and booming market in our country, regardless of the state of the economy. As of 2019, there are 128 million homes in the United States. 44 million, or about 35% of total homes, have a garden and grow their own food, or flowers. With nearly a third of the total US population living in homes, there is an enormous customer base out there for home and garden supplies. From unique home-related inventions, to construction or home remodeling supplies, to the simple, go-to home supplies, and gardening seeds, tools and accessories, the demand is always there.

As big as the customer base is, it is simply not enough to just have a product to sell. To be successful in the home and garden industry, a supply business must have manufacturing, warehousing, a sales venue with an online e-commerce component, and the ability to package, track and drop the supplies so that they arrive at the customers undamaged, correctly and on time. It is unlikely that every home and garden supply business, with the exception of giants like Home Depot or Lowes, have all the aforementioned components. This is where TopDawg can help. We connect wholesale suppliers with online retailers so that even a small business can have every step on the supply chain, with warehousing, tracking and dropshipping supplies directly to customers.

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Home & Garden Dropshipping Solutions with TopDawg

If you are a retailer in the home and garden industry, TopDawg can help you expand your customer base with our beautiful selection of products. With strategic partnerships and easy integrations, TopDawg can help grow your business with just the click of a mouse.

Trying the TopDawg platform is simple. If you are an online retailer, the process is easy and risk free with a free 14-day trial. Just sign up, connect with the product feeds, and start selling home and garden supplies directly to customers!


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