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The United States is the ruler of the road when it comes to the amount of motor vehicles per capita. With 910 vehicles on the road per every 1,000 people, no other country has as many cars, trucks, busses and semis on the road. Additionally, there are almost 12 million registered recreational boating vessels in the United States. That is 12 million people who not only have a car, but a boat as well.

Keeping these motor vehicles running and looking good requires a large range of supplies and products, making the automotive and marine market a very profitable one in the United States.

There is an enormous base out there for manufacturing, storing, packing and dropshipping automotive and marine supplies. From parts to accessories, the demand is vast.

With such a large customer base, it is simply not enough to just have a product to sell. To be successful in the automotive and marine industry, a business must have manufacturing, warehousing, a sales venue with an online e-commerce component, and the ability to package, track and drop ship supplies so that they arrive to the customers correctly, undamaged and on time. Most automotive and marine supply businesses, with the exception of a few large corporations, do not have all the aforementioned components. This is where TopDawg can help. We connect wholesale suppliers with online retailers so that even a small business can have every step on the supply chain, with warehousing, tracking and dropshipping supplies directly to customers.

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If you are a retailer of automotive and marine products, TopDawg can help you expand your customer base across the millions of motor vehicle owners nationwide. With strategic partnerships and easy integrations, TopDawg can help you grow your customer base with just the click of your mouse.

Trying the TopDawg platform is simple. If you are an online retailer, the process is easy and risk free with a free 14-day trial. Just sign up, connect with the product feeds, and start selling and dropshipping automotive and marine supplies directly to customers!

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