The TopDawg Pack

Ambitious. Determined. Pet lovers.

These are three things that everyone at TopDawg has in common. We’re committed to making everyone around us successful too, because we believe it’s the right thing to do. We never underestimate the underdogs and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Leadership Team

Jason Santini

Jason Santini Founder
Chief Operations Officer

Hometown Davie, Florida Interesting Fact I love cooking almost as much as I love fishing.

In 2004 Jason Santini founded TopDawg to help people start their own pet supplies business online. Jason has over 15 years of experience in developing e-commerce websites for home-based businesses, maximizing supply line efficiency and helping pioneer the drop ship model within the pet industry.

Currently, with Jason’s in-depth knowledge of business functions at TopDawg, he is responsible for maintaining and growing the company infrastructure, as well as analyzing and interpreting data and metrics for use in meeting company objectives.

Working with the rest of the TopDawg team, Jason does an excellent job of driving the company’s operating capabilities so that TopDawg can surpass customer expectations and maintain high retention levels.

Looking to the future, Jason is excited to continue being a driving force and an integral part of taking TopDawg to the next level of growth and success.

How many pets do you have/what are their names?

I have one dog named Juno. He is a long-haired husky.

Share one of the best times you have spent with your pet:

I was chasing Juno through the mountains of North Carolina (at night in the freezing rain) as he ran after a heard of elk. Awesome!!!
Darren DeFeo

Darren DeFeoChief Executive Officer

Hometown Orange Park Acres, California Alma Mater University of Southern California Interesting Fact My dog goes to work with me every day.

Darren DeFeo has worked in business development and marketing for over 20 years. In the past 11 years, he has specialized in developing companies that service the pet industry.

In 1994, driven by a strong flair for business and a skill for recognizing opportunities, Darren founded a web-based mortgage services company in California - Coast to Coast Mortgage Services. There he served as the Chief Executive Officer and under his directorship, the start-up company grew from 1 to over 50 employees. Throughout more than 12 years of business operations, Darren demonstrated an effective leadership style that was very effective in the attainment of the company goals.

In 2008, Darren took on another business venture and joined Trupanion, which has developed into an international and popular pet insurance company. As Senior Vice President for Trupanion, he helped launch the U.S. brand and merged it with the Canadian brand so that it became one of the first international organizations in the pet insurance category. Darren continued to lead business transformation by promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration with other executives that surpassed company goals and contributed to its success. Trupanion became the first pet insurance organization to be publically traded on the NYSE (IPO July 18th, 2014).

Now, as CEO of TopDawg, Darren manages company resources and budgets and guides employees toward the collective achievement of business goals. Known as a visionary leader, he fosters a harmonious company culture by setting good standards for shared attitudes, behaviors and values.

How many pets do you have/what are their names?

One, a blue Great Dane named Bodhi that my wife persuaded me to get because she wanted a “big” dog. I should have made her define what she meant by “big!”

Share one of the best times you have spent with your pet

It has been thoroughly entertaining to watch Bodhi adjust to having a human little sister. We watched him go from begrudgingly accepting her to relishing his new role as her guardian and companion. She climbs all over him and teaches him to do things you would be surprised to know that a 180 pound dog can do . . . like chasing bubbles from a bubble machine and doing somersaults in the yard.
Beth Wilder

Beth Wilder Office Manager

Hometown Fort Lauderdale, Florida Interesting Fact I like animals more than people.

Beth Wilder is an expert in her field and has been honing her skills since she worked for her father at age 14. She has worked alongside Jason Santini since he founded TopDawg in 2004, going from office assistant to office manager. Beth plays a vital role at TopDawg, handling the day-to-day operations, bookkeeping, budgeting and accounts payable / receivable. Not only is she efficient and effective in her role, she genuinely enjoys what she does.

How many pets do you have/what are their names?

One Pitbull/Labrador mix, Marley (I didn’t name her)


Playing at the beach! Running in the sand, jumping in the water and attacking the waves!
Steve Deemer

Steve Deemer Director of Technology

Hometown Hollywood, Florida Interesting Fact My beagle, Jasmin was therapy trained, she spent every Sunday from noon to 8pm at nursing homes helping patients with Alzheimer

Steve Deemer - Originally from NJ and has been in the Computer Information industry for a little over 30 years. He has been programming Internet applications and has over 5000 under his belt, coding in over 10 different languages. What does he enjoy doing in his spare time when his creative juices wont flow? Well besides long walks with his dog, he plays various musical instruments he relaxes with a pencil while sketching. He even brings the flavor of cooking to the table, with everything from appetizers, main course and desserts. While achieving many certificates and degrees he explains; "the tech changes so fast the master’s degree he got 10 years ago has nothing to do with the data flow of today. Study every day and read as much as you can, then repeat tomorrow."

How many pets do you have/what are their names?

Currently only two. Prince Lucky Luke the Japanese Chin and my newest member a cat named Bumkin, but I call her pstpstpst.


Lucky and I love our long walks, we have met many wonderful people and dogs during our time. One of Lucky's best friend is a Pitt Bull named Lucky
Dan Bradley

Dan BradleyLogistics Manager

Hometown Coral Springs, Florida Interesting Fact I've played Ice hockey for over 20 years.

Dan has over 15 years of experience in the customer service field. Before joining TopDawg, he worked in the Real Estate industry with The Keyes Company and the Miami Board of Realtors.

As TopDawg’s Logistics Manager, Dan handles the processing of purchase orders, order tracking, invoicing and is responsible for making sure everything gets from the warehouse to its destination on time.

How many pets do you have/what are their names?

I have two dogs: Maxi is half lab/half hound, and Bella is a Beagle.

Share one of the best times you have spent with your pet:

Taking them to our local dog parks and letting them play with other dogs.