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Heatrub Ultimate Mock [Unisex]

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color: navy

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Extra Large (XL)
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1.00 lb
Ult-Mock -XL-Nay
1029-Ult-Mock -XL-Nay
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Product Description

Heatrub Ultimate - No Other Base Layer Is Made This Way!

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who does not want to be bothered by the cold? If so, the Heatrub Ultimate makes a great sports buddy for you whenever you are doing outdoor activities or sports. Not only does it ensure your protection from the cold, but it also allows unrestrained movement unlike other base layers in the market today.

Why Buy Heatrub Ultimate?

Here are the three benefits of having your own Heatrub Ultimate:

Instant heat

This base layer mock lends heat as soon as you wear it! The instant warmth is due to the unique mix of the following fabrics:
  • Acrylic (68%
  • Nylon (21%)
  • Wool (7%)
  • Polyester (2%)
  • Polyurethane (2%)

Heat Maintained

The leading base layer in the market today utilizes 100% polyester. This fabric requires time to seal body heat within it, thereby creating warm air. In contrast, the 5-fabric blend used for the Heatrub Ultimate provides heat instantly. What's more, the extra-long fibers create heat when they are rubbed against your skin, allowing heat to be maintained within it. In short, you feel warm the moment you put it on and remain warm while doing your usual activities.

Freedom of Movement

Aside from providing warmth during cool days, this heavyweight base layer is also designed to allow freedom of movement. With its patented knitting process as well as the incredible blend of five fabrics, you get a gear that is perfect for slower-moving and active sports. So, whether you like walking, hiking, cycling, or football, the Zerofit Ultimate base layer is an excellent choice to wear.In summary, this Zerofit base layer is an excellent gear for your coldest weather conditions. Wear it and be protected from the cold to freezing temperatures while doing the outdoor sports you love best. With Zerofit USA, you can readily avail yourself of the authentic Heatrub Ultimate and more.
Men's sizing as follows:
US Size (Chest) XS: 30-32, Small: 34-36, Medium: 38-40, Large: 42-44, XL: 46-48, XXL: 50-52.
Women's sizing is as follows:
US Size XS:0-2, Small: 4-6, Medium:8-10, Large: 12-14, XL: 16-18, XXL: 20-22.

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