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Heatrub Move Hoodie [Unisex]

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Product Description

Heatrub Move Hoodie - No Sweat Base Layer With A Hood!

A sports gear ideal for any active sports like sailing, bicycling, and skiing, the Heatrub Move Hoodie is a hoodie edition of the Zerofit Heatrub Move. It can be worn as a base layer or an overgarment to provide comfort and warmth with less weight. Make the best out of your outdoor games when you choose to wear this base layer with a hood.

Move Fast With Comfort When You Wear Heatrub Move Hoodie

Discover why this Zerofit base layer hoodie makes great active sportswear.Standard features include:
  • Ultra-dry effect
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Comfortable and light textile

Ultra-Dry Effect

The Heatrub Move Hoodie provides an ultra-dry feeling because of its 2-layer woven structure. Polyurethane plus polypropylene are strategically placed on the underside to allow osmosis for clothing to occur. This capillary-like action removes moisture - in the form of sweat - from your skin and sends it outside your base layer. This way, your sweat does not turn into a 'cold sweat' after your sports activity. What an ultra-dry feeling!

Regulates Body Temperature

This Move hoodie is made of the finest materials of Polyester (50%), Polypropylene (45%), and Polyurethane (5%).So, like the Move base layer, the Heatrub Move Hoodie regulates balance in temperature right after wearing it. If you start having a high temperature, it lowers the heat to normal. In contrast, when you are initially feeling cold, this base layer allows you to heat up and get back to normal.As for the outer shell of this gear, it is made of hollow polyester. So, it allows quick moisture evaporation without having to worry that it will soak into your garment.

Comfortable and Light Textile

This Zerofit Move gives comfort because of the Polyester fiber that is durable and lightweight, quick to dry, making it a good outwear deal. The flexural strength of Polypropylene, semi-crystalline in nature, helps resist chemicals like slightly acidic body sweat, identical to Polyurethane.This Zerofit Move can be one of your most versatile sports gears as you stay warm and move about freely. With Zerofit USA, you can avail of only the authentic Heatrub Move Hoodie and other Zerofit base layers for all sports events and activities.
Men's sizing as follows:
US Size (Chest) XS: 30-32, Small: 34-36, Medium: 38-40, Large: 42-44, XL: 46-48, XXL: 50-52.
Women's sizing is as follows:
US Size XS:0-2, Small: 4-6, Medium:8-10, Large: 12-14, XL: 16-18, XXL: 20-22.

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