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Smokeless White Sage Smudging Spray

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1 Pack of 1
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water based proprietary blend

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White Sage Spray. Certified Organic White Sage Essential Oil. SMOKE AND ASH-FREE ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL SMUDGING, ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: You can't always light sage in your home or work environment. And, you certainly cannot light up a bundle of sage in a public space without attracting quite a bit of attention. You can, however, easily pull out a bottle of Moonwater Elixirs Sage Smudge Spray and clear away all the negative energy around you. Perfect for your home, office, car, dorm room, apartment, hotel, nursing homes, or hospital rooms. INCREASE YOUR SENSE OF WELL-BEING AND IMPROVE MENTAL FOCUS: Smudging is beneficial in counteracting the effects of Electrosmog in your environment caused by electronics. ENERGETICALLY CHARGED: Each bottle of this White Sage Smudge Spray is charged under a Full Moon for maximum clearing effectiveness. Reiki charged to elevate and enhance your sense of peacefulness. CLEAR NEGATIVE ENERGY: Organic White Sage Spray clears negative energy in an instant. Highly effective formula clears and cleanses your space, yourself, and personal objects. Moonwater Elixirs' White Sage Smudge Spray will leave you and your spaces feeling brighter, more positive and at a higher vibration than before! Now with improved formula with longer-lasting Sage fragrance. Having a bad day at work? Spray some in the office. Is traffic making you mad? Spray some in the car. Need to help quiet the mind? Spray some while in a hot bath. It's really perfect to use just about anywhere. Spray with this White Sage Smudge Spray in any area that you would like to cleanse, starting at the corners of a room, moving onto the center. To spray yourself, test for allergies first. Then, close your eyes and mist over your head allowing the spray to fall upon your body. Use this blend to cleanse or clear a new home or apartment. CAUTION: YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE THIS SAGE CLEARING SPRAY INTERNALLY. CONCENTRATED ESSENTIAL SAGE OIL IS AN ORAL TOXIN. It should not be used during pregnancy, or by persons suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure. Do not spray it directly on you or your pets fur. This sage spray is intended only for external uses and not to replace any traditional medical uses. e Sage Smudge Spray is the perfect alternative to smoky smudge sticks.

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